Executive Board



Varuna Rakesh Sharma (Moderator)

Varuna Rakesh Sharma is an ardent MUNer and a passionate and active volunteer at various NGOs and Legal Aid Societies. She is currently pursuing law from Trinity Institute of Professional Studies, Dwarka, Delhi. Her interest lies in Constitutional Law, Human Rights and Global Law Politics. She is the president of the debating society (DABEET) of her institution. She is passionate about travelling, meeting new people and drawing on their savoir faire. What defines her is her loyalty and dedication towards a project that she picks up. Varuna’s sublime participation as a delegate, executive board member as well as in organising committee, speaks highly of her abilities. Her remarkable debating skills and excellent leadership qualities will surely add its part in the success of Jodhpur Youth Summit. She wishes to make this conference a learning experience for all.


Yashaswini Tiwari (Co Moderator)

Yashaswini Tiwari, is currently pursuing BA hons in Political Science along with International Relations Diploma from Jai Hind College, Mumbai University. She holds a great way over geopolitical policies and international treaties of the world. Being a poet, debator and a theatre artist she believes that ‘all world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players’.



Mriganika Singh Tanwar (Deputy Moderator)

Having passed school, Mriganika Singh is currently pursuing majors in Economics and International Relations from Jai Hind College, Mumbai. She has a plethora of experience and knowledge in the field of research in US politics and Indo-American ties. Her works are published under young writers in ORF Mumbai for American foreign policy. Having worked as a Research Analyst in Indian History for Discovery Communications she is also a National level debater, member of Global Youth Mumbai forum and an avid poet. Her distinctive conjecture of a conference is based on fierce and compelling preparation, diplomacy and logic.



Shivansh Ahuja (President)

Shivansh is a postgraduate student at the Nottingham University Business School. He has been in the Model UN circuit since 2014 and has chaired several conferences in Jodhpur. He has worked with several prestigious organizations such as MTV India and AIESEC. He has been awarded the International Award For Young People. (IAYP).



Jayant Thanvi (Vice President)

He is pursuing BA in Journalism and Mass communication from Manipal University Jaipur. He is the MUN coordinator of Sri Aurobindo School, Jodhpur. A passion for debating and a zeal to gain knowledge has given him the courage to step up in life and interact with new people. This journey of MUNs has turned a kid who didn’t used to even ask questions in class to addressing hundreds of minds. He is looking forward to meet new people and fresh minds in the JYS’20.


dhruvil nirban

Dhruvil Nirban (Moderator)

In the process of completing his schooling from Lancers Army School, Surat ; Dhruvil Nirban, a 17 year old intends to pursue psychology, as it ignites his never ending interest for reading people’s minds . He has worked as a Secretariat member, an EB and also has taken the responsibility of a Founder. He has been undertaking events along the way. MUNs always fascinate him; who wouldn’t want to listen to new people with extraordinary potential. His fun loving and soulful attitude always brings joy to the delegates.



Udit Malik (Moderator)

Udit Malik is from Amity University, India. He is an avid right activist and an author who want to serve his nation. He has authored five books including one best seller. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in law majoring in criminology and have Diploma from Institute of United Nations Studies.
A politics aficionado, his interest and knowledge in World Affairs is a force to reckon with.
As said about the power of his words, he’s an amazing orator with exceptional skills of conviction and perseverance. He believes in cracking a different approach to every possible ordinary thing that a person does. He has been part of over many National and International Model United Nations and Youth Parliaments across the world.


Tureen Gupta (Deputy Moderator)

With a kind belief of “problems find solution with ethical and substantive talk” Tureen Punit Gupta is versatile speaker has been a very active member of the MUN society with an incredible experience of 90+ MUN’s. He is presently a motivational speaker and Founder of Delhi debating and interjection society and has been a part of it for more than 7 years now. He has been into research field both, into the majors and minors and has done research based internship in governmental organisations like ONGC and has written several research papers in this field. He is presently an engineering student and a student of International Law.


Aditya Gill (Scribe)

Aditya Gill is a student of class 11th hails from the heritage city of Rajasthan, i.e., Jodhpur. He is a proud nationalist and a student of Delhi public school Jodhpur. His keen interest in discussions and debates on major political issues shows his dedication towards the well-being of our nation.

He has active participation in MUN’S and looks forward for a wonderful conference.


swapnil mittal

Swapnil Mittal (Head of IP)

Swapnil Mittal is a student of Business Administration from IP University in Delhi, he is a passionate individual trying to tell stories through his pictures and writings. He looks forward for a great conference.


Naman Khosla

Naman Khosla (Head of Photography)

Great art comforts the discomfort and discomforts the comfort.

The drive to pursue this field struck him in one of his college lectures. The concept of editing, placing ‘Scene A’ and ‘Scene B’ one after the other doesn’t make a ‘Scene A+B’. It makes it a ‘Scene C’, evoking the audience in a particular manner. Thus, he could relate to the similarities between editing of productions and designing carried out to put up a theatrical performance. Since, he has been performing theatre for the past 12 years and the immense love towards it is ever-growing, he made a decision. A decision to pursue Film making, Photography and Designing as his tools to tell the world a story that no one has ever heard of.

Tanissha Breja

Tanissha Breja (Editor-in-Chief)

Tanissha Breja, a student of literature in Delhi University has pretty much spent the last three years, traveling and trying to show people the world the way she sees it, which consequentially has involved lots of current affairs and heaps of writing, editing, re-editing, re-editing and a million more times re-editing.

Amidst this frenzy of editing, she believes she has learnt the art enough to help other people through it and hence, will be serving as your Editor-in-Chief for the Jodhpur Youth Summit 2020.


Mayank Singhal

Mayank Singhal (Moderator)

A poet at heart and a reader at soul, Mayank Singhal is a final year law student pursuing BALLB(H) from VIPS,GGSIPU. He is an activer MUNer since past four years, having participated in capacities varying from a delegate, member of Organising Committee to Executive Board. Being an ardent admirer of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, he is the go-to person of his circle and always likes to finish off in style. With immense interest in law making and politics, he mostly does Indian Committees. He looks forward to an amazing conference!


Shivansh Shrivastava (Deputy Moderator)

Shivansh Srivastava is currently pursuing BBA LLB from CPJ College, Indraprastha University. He has a year long experience of various MUNs and YPs.  His inclination towards MUN is completely evident from his eloquence and has succeeded in diffused MUN circuits. MUNs AND YPs has brought many glories in his life. He wishes to become a successful lawyer and make many beneficial reforms required.

Raunak Upmanyu (Scribe)

Raunak Upmanyu is a true nationalist by heart. He hails from the city of Lord Krishna (MATHURA). He is a student of Euro International School, Jodhpur. He is a bold personality with an enthusiastic experience in debates and regular discussions over political correctness. Being a school student, he believes in debating as a foremost part of life. He is a keen observer of Indian politics and he has a great knowledge of ideologies and political spectrum.


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