This is a committee which will discuss about the situation of women around the globe. In this committee, the delegates will realize the dilemma of women, how they are treated, how they are suppressed, how they are dominated etc. In a nutshell, the delegates will discuss and debate about the problems faced by women in different parts of the world.


  1. Protecting women in migration from human trafficking, sexual slavery and sexual exploitation.
  2. Addressing the right of women migrant workers and protection from workplace discrimination and violence.


International Security Council is an international committee. This committee is all about the international security. The delegates will debate on the decisions taken in the past for the security and also what should be done in the future to protect everyone from let’s say the terrorism.

AGENDA: Situation in the Middle East with special emphasis on Palestinian question.


This is a fictional and a continuous crisis committee. It is only for the delegates of age 12yrs – 17yrs. In this committee, the fans Marvel Comics and DC Comics will debate amongst each other that what if this could’ve happened or that could’ve happened. This is an entertaining and a committee full of fun. The purpose of keeping this committee is that no one should be left behind; many people have no interest in politics or any other committee but this, so this committee is for them.

AGENDA: Continuous Crisis Committee.


Political meet is an Indian Committee. It is based on the idea of ‘Lok Sabha’. This committee will work just like Lok Sabha and the delegates of this committee will discuss about the political situation in India and the ongoing political crisis in our country. The delegates will be allotted different politicians as their portfolios and then they will debate and find the solutions to the political problems.


  1. Increasing incidents of mob lynching.
  2. Addressing the changes in the Indian economy.


This committee consists of the press members, i.e., photographers and journalists. Their work is to click pictures and prepare a report of what’s going on in other committees. Their Executive Board members assign them their committees and instruct them how everything has to be done. They ultimately prepare a newsletter of the conference.


This is a special committee. First time ever in any conference this committee has been introduced, it is an advisory committee where the delegates will discuss between the pros and cons, wrongs and rights of CAA & NRC. We are sure that this committee will be full of heated debates and discussions.

AGENDA: Discussion on CAA & NRC on the basis of current situation.


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